Meet Joan, my new friend from all over the world

Another story for today, about foreign friends.

And because I want Daniel to read this without Google Translate, I will write in English. As a part of the February Crazy Things, I want to write about Joan (hope I am writing correct), my crazy new 1 h friend (this represents the time we had the chance to know each other  and discuss a little bit).

So, Joan is doing couch surfing. For the ones that are not familiar with this type of traveling , please see this site for more details. In short: he writes a message to his friends from the network and tells that the next stop for him will be.. Iasi. Is there anyone ready to have a couch for him? This time, a girl from Iasi said “definitely” and so the adventure continued. The first surfer hosted by this girl was a Duch guy that made her soup and told stories about his travels.

This French surfer, Joan made me a very good impresion with his qustions about: how is the situation between Romania and Moldova? (pentru romani: a vrut sa stie daca romanii sustin unirea Moldovei cu Romania si cati ar fi in stare sa iasa in strada pentru acest lucru), what about the language and the writing,  where are you came from… And here… it starts the story. Sad one, this time. Why? Because Joan wanted to go to my village, visit my home and Prut river then leave the country and go to Kiev. Joan was ready to go, but my sister was not ready to host him because she was not very comfortable with a strange and with an english/french.spanish speaker one. I wish I had one day off from work and go with Joan to show him my village. Is strange that I know very well that this is the first and last time I saw Joan.. and stayed with him only for  1 h and something.

Curious and a little bit strange was that after I have asked Alex to inform him he can’t be hosted in my village, I received a nice message from him and he told me to relax, that he understands and he is ok with that. I have asked Alex where Joan left and she told me that he will go to the buss station then… he will find out!

Nice way of traveling and living (and discovery!)